Top 10 cloud hosting providers 2022

Top 10 cloud hosting providers 2022

siderable development in recent years with the advent of new technologies. Today, many providers offer extensive resources and resources to help developers build agile, high-performance applications.

Making the right choice can be crucial for your business. Take a look at mobile cloud hosting and top providers below.

What is Mobile Cloud Hosting

Mobile cloud hosting refers to an IaaS , PaaS , or BaaS cloud delivery solution that offers a selection of virtual services to users. They gain access to on-demand resources hosted on the cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud hosting involves using components such as networking, virtual hardware, and storage provided by a cloud computing service provider. Cloud companies use virtualization to provide hosting, which means that the data center infrastructure is provided to multiple users at the same time.

Benefits of mobile cloud hosting

  • Features very easy to scale

Cloud hosting allows for effortless scaling of server resources. Most cloud server providers offer easy-to-use dashboards to manage websites and monitor performance in real-time. Server resources can be scaled up or down instantly, without needing to contact a hosting company.

  • Redundant server environment

Conventional hosting usually keeps a website’s resources on one server, but this is no longer ideal with technological advances. Now, it doesn’t make sense for a website to go offline when the server has malfunctions.

Redundant mobile cloud hosting solves this problem by offering website backups that can be triggered if and when a server goes down. This type of hosting ensures fast reloading of a minor version of the live site.

  • High uptime and availability

Conventional hosting can also be disadvantageous as a website’s uptime can be compromised when a server goes offline. This is true in most cases, except when a CDN is being used.

With mobile cloud hosting, all availability and uptime issues are resolved. Users can gain access to high uptime by default if they use a trusted cloud service. Cloud hosting helps applications to run virtually by fetching resources from multiple servers.

It ensures fast transfer from one server to another if one is faulty or offline. Users can also perform resource scaling on demand to ensure your site stays online when traffic spikes occur.

Top ten mobile cloud hosting companies

Here is a list of the top ten mobile cloud hosting platforms.

1Back4appBackend as a Service
2FirebaseBackend as a Service
3AWS AmplifyBackend as a Service
4Digital OceanInfrastructure as a service
5AWSInfrastructure as a service
6backendlessBackend as a Service
7LinodeInfrastructure as a service
8VultrInfrastructure as a service
9Google CloudInfrastructure as a service
10HerokuPlatform as a Service

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