101 Happiness Quotes That Will Make You Smile

101 Happiness Quotes That Will Make You Smile

1. Happiness is actually very simple. Although it is ordinary, it has a quiet and distant mellow fragrance; it is like a touch of sunshine, although it is rare, it has colorful beauty. (Happiness quotes)

2. Happiness is simple, it does not carry any impurities, as long as you have a kind heart, you will always feel its existence. (Happiness quotes 2022)

3. Happiness is having a grateful heart; a healthy body; a group of trustworthy friends and a hopeful tomorrow. (Happiness quotes)

4. Happiness is actually just a cup of boiled water. Different people put in different seasonings, taste different flavors, and experience different happiness, both in your hands and in mine. (Happiness quotes 2022)

5. Happiness is to accompany people in the pursuit of life, and there has never been a moment’s separation. Happiness is all around us, just like a shadow, but more often we are busy chasing worldly goals and ignore its existence. (Happiness quotes)

6. It is fair to give people happiness, but you are willing to enjoy it or not. Happiness has no distinction between rich and poor, no distinction between the rich and the poor, no situation and appearance, and no additional restrictions on any harsh conditions. As long as you have a happy and ordinary person you like, you will always embrace the happiness in happiness and make your life happy and beautiful. (Happiness quotes 2022)

7. The feeling of happiness is sometimes an experience. In marriage, a marriage that is not necessarily gentle and watery is the happiest. In love, a cold face is not necessarily the most ruthless love. If a marriage that is as gentle as water is just a kind of algae on the surface, then I think it is a kind of superficial love, and sometimes a cold face may have a true love. There is a saying that goes well: “The ruthless is not necessarily a hero, how can a pity be not a husband”. (Happiness quotes)

8. Happiness is an outing in the suburbs in spring. Happiness is the care and concern of family members when going out. Happiness is talking with one’s own shadow. Happiness is a big talk among friends. Hands and children grow old together, happiness is to have a normal heart, happiness is leisure after a busy day, happiness is colorful flowers, and cheerful leaves, happiness is a touch of warmth and touching in gray days. (Happiness quotes 2022)

9. Happiness is the state when people’s psychological desires are satisfied, it is a happy mood that is satisfied with life and gets infinite fun from life and hopes to last for a long time. This kind of mood is a kind of happy mood, a kind of feeling of comprehending life with heart. This feeling is a pleasant feeling, a feeling of experiencing happiness with the heart. Therefore, the connotation of happiness is the endless happiness in life.
(Happiness quotes)

10. No one can tell what happiness is. If you want to truly feel happiness, the truth is that only by delivering happiness to others and creating happiness for the society, can you personally experience and taste happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

11. What is happiness? Happiness is the dullness and peace that you have, happiness is the happiness soaked in pain, happiness is the beautiful memory of childhood, happiness is the joy in work, happiness is humming a little song unconsciously every day, and happiness is the words of excitement. (Happiness quotes)

12. Happiness is sweating happily, happiness is the loneliness in the dead of night, happiness is no longer awakened by nightmares, happiness is laughing when you are happy, crying when you are sad, happiness is feeling the abnormal change of spring, summer, autumn and winter. To our surprise, happiness is to help the helpless. (Happiness quotes 2022)

13. Happiness is an attitude. It does not have a certain direction or an unchanging maxim. It is in one’s own feeling, in one’s mind, and in everyone’s heart. If you feel that life is good then you are happy, and if you feel that you are happy then you are also happy. Different attitudes to life determine your happiness and happiness. A healthy and positive attitude to life will bring rain and dew to your life, while a negative and pessimistic attitude to life will make your life more gloomy and desolate. (Happiness quotes)

14. Happiness and happiness go hand in hand. Happiness is actually very simple. We do not need to deliberately compare, to force. In the face of life, a simple smile is clearly a kind of happiness and warmth; in the face of life, a sincerity and perseverance is clearly a kind of happiness and warmth. (Happiness quotes 2022)

15. Happiness Everyone has a standard in their heart, and this standard is different. If you ask a thousand people, there will be a thousand kinds of answers. Some people think that living a peaceful life is happiness; some people think that living vigorously is happiness; for the blind, happiness is seeing again; for the deaf, happiness is hearing voices; for the hungry For people, happiness is a piece of bread; for orphans, happiness is to have a complete home. (Happiness quotes)

16. In the journey of life, there are flowers and thorns, of course, don’t stay for the flowers, and don’t be discouraged by the thorns. As a traveler, never give up the pursuit of happiness. Even if you don’t have a big tree to shield you from the wind and rain, don’t you still have a heart that can’t be wet by the wind and rain? As long as you have a happy heart at all times and live your true self, you will be immersed in conscious happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

17. What is real happiness? In fact, happiness is everywhere. Happiness is actually a kind of ability. Use it to create happiness, use it to convey happiness, use it to perceive happiness, and use it to feel happiness. (Happiness quotes)

18. Those who are content are always happy, and those who are always happy are happy. In life, we have many things that we cannot have, and there are many real environments that we cannot change. Although we cannot change our own lives, we can change our life values ​​and enjoy the warm and warm side of life that belongs to us. (Happiness quotes 2022)

19. Life itself is the source of happiness and the holy place to nourish happiness. Happiness comes from the understanding and manufacture of life. Life is a kaleidoscope of saving happiness. In this colorful kaleidoscope, it is even more inseparable from those who pursue happiness and work hard. (Happiness quotes)

20. Treat life kindly and feel happiness seriously. Happiness is a sincere waiting. With happiness, you will find that happiness is so simple. (Happiness quotes 2022)

21. Happiness is difficult to get, but sometimes it is so simple. Happiness is within reach, if you are not careful, it will be out of reach. Happiness may last a lifetime, but maybe only for a moment. (Happiness quotes)

22. Happiness, sometimes very simple, quietly appears in the world around us. We lament that happiness is always missing, far from it, simply because we haven’t really felt and discovered it with our hearts (Happiness quotes 2022)

23. The most beautiful love is when two people walk through those ravines and ravines hand in hand, the wind, frost, snow and rain, after untold hardships, through the darkness finally ushered in the dawn full of hope. The simplest happiness is that two people stick to the same belief, never give up, stick to each other, and work hard. Happiness is just a feeling, what touches us is always true, sincere, sincere. (Happiness quotes)

24. Happiness is the beauty of labor, even though it is sweaty and hard, it is bitter and sweet. That is a harvested happiness, whether it is the process or the result, as long as it is managed with heart, it is happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

25. The embodiment of happiness does not necessarily have to be permeated in appearance, but whether it really touches the skin and soul of happiness. Happiness is not decorated and embellished with tangible things, but needs to be stored in the deepest part of one’s heart in the feeling and discovery of the heart, and quietly appreciate the posture and fragrance of the flowers of happiness blooming. (Happiness quotes)

26. Happiness is the trumpet in the mouth of the punting man, the more it blows, the brighter it is; happiness is the tamping in the hands of the tampering man, the more he beats it, the more solid it is; happiness is the chalk in the hands of the teacher, even if he is broken, he is willing to; happiness is the ploughing field. A cow led by people, even though they work hard, they work hard without complaining. (Happiness quotes 2022)

27. Happiness is the beauty that cannot be obtained. It is the dust wandering around. Every sand and gravel is the shadow of happiness, and the air is happily free between the hearts of people. (Happiness quotes)

28. The feeling of happiness is to find something to do for yourself, to find happiness for yourself, remember there is a saying like this, ‘remember one or two, forget eight or nine’ is to remember one or two happiest things in life, forget it. The eight or nine most painful things in life. Only then can you have your own attitude towards life, and this attitude will make you live bravely and make your life stronger and happier. (Happiness quotes 2022)

29. Happiness is all the time. Happiness is everywhere and everywhere. As long as you experience what you will feel with your heart, you are happy. Cherish what you have now is your greatest happiness.(Happiness quotes)

30. Happiness never lies in what you have. Happiness lies in using your own abilities to create and feel with your heart. Happiness is to be created by oneself. Marx said: “My happiness belongs to all mankind.” He took this as the goal, dedicated his life to the cause of human liberation and communism, and he was happy. (Happiness quotes 2022)

31. Happiness is a feeling of your own soul. It lies in your atrium and resides in your heart. Please feel it with your heart, discover it with your heart, and measure it with your heart.
(Happiness quotes)

32. Happiness is like a cup of fragrant tea. In a light drink and a slow taste, the overflow is a touch of fragrance and refreshing, comfortable and comfortable; happiness is like a glass of red wine. The thick glycol makes people intoxicated, the body is drunk, and the heart is drunk. (Happiness quotes 2022)

33. There is no standard for happiness. It is like a threshold. Whether it is high or low depends on one’s own views and positioning. When you already have everything, but you don’t feel happy, maybe in the eyes of others, it is a kind of long-awaited happiness. (Happiness quotes)

34. Happiness is sometimes a feeling of one’s own soul, which is deposited in the bottom of one’s heart, invisible and intangible, but the experience and enjoyment are very real and direct. Maybe you don’t have rich material and control of fame and fortune, but as long as you have a good mood, then you are actually happy. (Happiness quotes 2022)

35. Happiness is really elusive. Let us care for others, cherish every detail around us, let go of our hands and feet, and grasp happiness. (Happiness quotes)

36. It is a kind of happiness to have a good job; it is a kind of happiness to have a warm home; it is a kind of happiness to have a close friend; it is also a kind of happiness to have a good attitude. A kind of happiness; to have a wife who loves you, that is a kind of happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

37. In pain, health is happiness; in darkness, light is happiness; in cold, warmth is happiness; when separation, reunion is happiness; when sad, there is a reliable shoulder that makes you cry; when frustrated, there is a pair of Holding your hand tightly is happiness. (Happiness quotes)

38. What is happiness? Do what you love and be happy with the people you love. Wishes come true, should be happy. A man is working in the field, sweating profusely, but he feels happy, he is happy; another man is walking in the garden, but he feels unhappy, he is unhappy. (Happiness quotes 2022)

39. What is the taste of happiness? In my opinion, the taste of happiness is that those who can give happiness to others should be happy, because only oneself can feel the taste of happiness. The taste of happiness means that those who give happiness to others should also be happy, and this taste Always have fun in it. (Happiness quotes)

40. When we are hungry, the acquisition of a piece of bread is a kind of happiness; when we fall into confusion, the appearance of a road sign is a kind of happiness; when we are sad and weep, a kind and comforting word is a kind of happiness. a kind of happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

41. When suffering from illness, we always feel that if we can have a healthy body, it is a kind of happiness; when we are in the hustle and bustle of people for a long time, we always feel that if we can have a self. The peace of mind is a kind of happiness; when your appetite is too much and full of greasy meals, you always feel that it is such a kind of happiness to have an occasional rough meal. (Happiness quotes)

42. People who are in happiness may feel that they are not happy, because they all live a happy life, and they have adapted to unfamiliar happiness, so they have no special meaning. Gradually forgotten, longing for more and different happiness, the longing will continue. Then the charm of happiness reappears, but it all becomes ordinary, plain, peaceful. (Happiness quotes 2022)

43. Happiness actually comes from “love”. It really has nothing to do with money. I am moved by my lover’s warm love for me; I am moved by my daughter’s sweet attachment to me; I am moved by my friends’ careful care for me; I was moved by my parents’ tireless admonitions to me… These moves made me feel happy. (Happiness quotes)

44. If you want to be happy, you must first make others happy, because I feel that everyone is already in the blessing, they have a family and are very happy, but they are ignorant, they are in the blessing and do not know how to get rich, therefore, life needs happiness. (Happiness quotes 2022)

45. Life is colorful, the key is how you look at it; with a correct perspective, you will find that life is so beautiful. Let us, like the couple, have an optimistic attitude towards life, feel beauty and happiness. (Happiness quotes)

46. ​​Happiness is often hazy, and it sprays us with rain in a controlled manner. You don’t always hope for great happiness, it’s mostly just coming quietly. And don’t try to turn the faucet even bigger, so that happiness drains quickly. Instead, you need to experience the true meaning of happiness with a peaceful mind. (Happiness quotes 2022)

47. Happiness doesn’t like the hustle and bustle, and often comes in the dark. A piece of cake that we cherish each other in poverty, a heart-to-heart look in the center of adversity, a rough touch from my father, a warm note from my girlfriend… These are all happiness that can’t be bought by a thousand dollars. (Happiness quotes)

48. Happiness is a cup of tea with the fragrance of jasmine. After boiling, convert to calm, and after floating, restore silence; the richness is no longer publicized, and it turns gorgeously to wash away the splendor. (Happiness quotes 2022)

49. Happiness is to go through the red dust, quench it into steel, and flow through the years, and the flowers on both sides of the strait are still calm. It has a Buddha mind, and it has become a landscape. (Happiness quotes)

50. Happiness is to live in the moment, to be happy with each other. Sweet nostalgia lingers day and night, belonging to each other, with elegant taste, leisurely in the mountains, rivers, clouds and mists, and the two never tire of each other. (Happiness quotes 2022)

51. Happiness is the dark green of the distant mountains in my hometown. The sunset is cloudy, and the birds are flying. In the green hills and green; in the gaze of the prime minister; in thousands of years later; your face like the sun will always be my deep-rooted nostalgia. (Happiness quotes)

52. Happiness is great love and righteousness, great benevolence and great virtue. Paint the landscape of life with vigorous strokes, and use the legend of monuments to establish immortality.
(Happiness quotes 2022)

53. Happiness is Cheng Huan’s parents sharing the family. Help the old and bring the young, watch the rising sun gushing out, and reward the setting sun like blood. In the mountains and rivers, hair is like snow, love is like cheeks, and warmth is as old as before, goodbye in the early month. (Happiness quotes)

54. Real happiness is fought bit by bit and accumulated day by day. Don’t care about too many gains and losses, but learn to be tolerant with a tolerant heart. (Happiness quotes 2022)

55. The most splendid stage of happiness is the process of budding, that kind of collision of souls; that kind of subtle and indescribable touch; that kind of yearning and yearning. The longer this stage lasts, the more splendid the wildness of love will become, and the nourishment of love is better than everything else. Both love and hate are human nature, and devotion to love is more healthy. (Happiness quotes)

56. The word love is not easy to write. Happiness requires the most sincere and honest heart, the broadest mind and tolerance. In the vicissitudes of life, it is not that there is no long-lasting love, but many times, the maintenance of the long-lasting love has often been transformed into an inseparable family relationship. (Happiness quotes 2022)

57. Happiness is a feeling. Don’t rely on awesome power, don’t rely on extraordinary wealth, don’t rely on superhuman talent. Relying on a normal heart: always cherishing a normal heart with a smile on the cold and warm life, there is always the joy of harmony and fullness. Happiness is like wearing shoes, the elasticity is self-evident; happiness is like drinking water, knowing the warmth and coldness. (Happiness quotes)

58. Sometimes, when we feel unhappy and unhappy, it may be because we are not pursuing happiness, but being happier than others. Therefore, occasionally stop the hectic pace, take a good look around, and cherish every bit of it! The road in life is actually not long, enjoy everything you have, be happy, let yourself and be happy. (Happiness quotes 2022)

59. We don’t realize our own happiness, because we don’t know, some pain and disappointment, joys and sorrows, but also happiness. It’s not that we don’t know happiness, but that we are sometimes too greedy. Some losses are doomed, and some fates will never have results. Sometimes I wonder how great it would be to do it all over again. (Happiness quotes)

60. Many people are deliberately pursuing the so-called happiness, and although some have obtained it, they have paid a great price. The wise man said: Happiness is a feeling, just like the Buddha in your heart. The feeling of happiness decreases with the degree of satisfaction, which is related to people’s mood and state of mind. The harder it is to get, the deeper the love. (Happiness quotes 2022)

61. Sometimes, when we live in happiness, we still feel that we are far away from happiness, that there is no happiness everywhere in life, and even lose hope for the future. Therefore, some people often become decadent because of frustration and cry because of pessimism. In fact, it is not that there is too much pain, but that our thoughts are too pessimistic. (Happiness quotes)

62. Busyness is a kind of happiness, which makes us have no time to experience pain; running around is a kind of happiness, which allows us to truly experience life; exhaustion is a kind of enjoyment, which makes us have no time for emptiness. Let the future pass, let the past pass, the warmth of life depends on the temperature of the soul.
(Happiness quotes)

63. In one’s life, everyone has bathed in happiness and joy, and also experienced ups and downs and setbacks. When we are happy, we always feel that time is short; when we are sad, we complain that our days are like years. Happiness and pain are inherently twins, God is fair, and pain often coexists with happiness. (Happiness quotes)

64. The so-called happiness means that there is never an accurate and eternal answer; people with golden pots, silver spoons, and delicious food have never seen happiness; people with coarse clothes and poor food have never been unhappy; a flower, a drop of water in this world , may become the source of happiness; happiness has never been related to rich or poor. (Happiness quotes)

65. Happiness is holding a pair of hands that you want to hold, walking through the hustle and bustle together, and waiting for loneliness and loneliness together; it is to accompany someone you want to accompany, laugh together when you are happy and cry when you are sad; it is to have something you want to have. Heart, repeating boring days is not boring, doing the same thing is not boring. (Happiness quotes)

66. Happiness is seen, and pain is realized. We always like to compare other people’s apparent happiness with our hidden pain. As a result, our pain index has reached a new high in the improper comparison. We envy the birds’ wings to fly, but why don’t the birds envy our legs as flying. (Happiness quotes)

67. Happiness is actually very simple: one is to sleep in your own bed. The second is to eat the food cooked by the parents. The third is to listen to your lover’s love words for you. Fourth, play games with children. (Happiness quotes)

68. The two words that are the hardest to get are simple, and the two words that are the most difficult to explain are happiness. Simple is happiness. Simple happiness: Don’t look outside, don’t get sulky at home, don’t get tangled up in trivial matters, don’t be fooled by villains. Come to think about. Simple life: I am refreshed when I hear the wake-up bell, and I am often touched by small things. (Happiness quotes)

69. Being able to hold hands is happiness, think about how many people are separated from each other; being able to love is happiness, think about how many people have different dreams in the same bed; being ordinary is happiness, think about how many people are lost in life; being able to live is happiness, think about being sick. How many are still haunted. (Happiness quotes)

70. Happiness is repetition. Every day with the person I like, talking on the phone, traveling, repeating a promise and dream, listening to him mentioning his childhood for the 28th time, celebrating his birthday on the same day every year, every Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and also spend with him. Even quarrels are repetitive (Happiness quotes)

71. Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime. After the pain, there will be no pain, and some will only be an indifferent heart. Everything can be passed, but it’s impossible to go back to the past. To how strong, dare not forget. You are overwhelmed by what I can’t guess, and I’m the innocence of. Emotional drama, I have no acting skills. A person, a city, and his distressed. (Happiness quotes)

72. In a rainy season, whose dream was broken and whose heart was wet with tears? Maybe after all, the rain is too heavy and the umbrella is too small to hold you and me. Happiness is washed away in this desolate rainy season, leaving only sadness and loneliness. Maybe, happiness is like a cloud in the rainy season. When you get hurt and cry, it disappears into the blue sky, and no one knows that she has been here. (Happiness quotes)

73. Happiness is something that can be met but cannot be sought, just like love. But happiness is so simple, as if we can embrace it with open hands. Everything stems from magical and incredible opportunities, and it stays in our hearts for a long time. Therefore, we must remember that happiness is a kind of mood, plain, tolerant, warm and lovely. (Happiness quotes)

74. One of the happiest things in the world is to be in the same city with your best friend and have common tastes and values. You only know that no matter when and where you are, in good or bad moods, you want this person to be with you. (Happiness quotes)

75. Happiness is: when I am hungry, when I see someone holding a meat bun, he is happier than me; when I am cold, when I see someone wearing a thick padded jacket, he is happier than me; Pit, you are squatting there, you are happier than me. (Happiness quotes)

77. Have you ever thought that you are each other’s happiness. Love is not an escape, it is an effort. It is not to avoid the responsibility to make each other happy, but to strive to realize the obligation to make each other happy. When you say that you leave to keep the other person from getting hurt, you have already done the most damage to the other person. (Happiness quotes)

78. Although everyone can’t have all the happiness, there is always happiness by your side. Happiness is beautiful, it is the rainbow after the rain, the white clouds in the clear sky, and the bright smile on our faces. As long as you cherish the happiness of the present, you can welcome a better tomorrow. (Happiness quotes)

79. Happiness is not immortality, big fish and big meat, or power. Happiness is the fulfillment of every wish of smiling life. When you want to eat, someone eats, and when you want to be loved, someone loves you. (Happiness quotes)

80. Time flies, just like flowing water, it will always move forward and never look back. Looking back, our past, our past years, seems to be still yesterday, and everything has gone away, we can’t keep time, the only thing left in our hearts is the most beautiful memory. Happy, painful, happy, unforgettable in all of this, with laughter, tears, and sweetness. And of course our own happiness. (Happiness quotes)

81. Loving each other is happiness. So simple, so difficult. (Happiness quotes)

82. We live in this world, and we keep running every day, even running and chasing, it is the needs of the world, not the needs of the soul. Those who are rich enough to rival the country may not find happiness; those who are in power may not find happiness. Happiness and happiness, in the final analysis, are not money and power, but a kind of peace and tranquility in my heart. We must never miss the beauty in front of us and the happiness at hand. (Happiness quotes)

83. I see different people every day, and everyone is talking about unhappy things. Those who are successful in their careers say that they have a lot of work pressure. When they meet, they say it’s inappropriate. Happiness is kicked around like football, and troubles are like a trophy. In fact, what we have is our own happiness, what we strive for is hope, what we lose is only memory, and happiness comes from the heart. (Happiness quotes)

84. In love, we always hurt each other, as if this can prove that we love vigorously. However, there is no right or wrong in love. You love her and she loves you, that’s enough. Don’t try to make each other vulnerable and sad. To love each other, what is needed is warmth, happiness, sweetness and happiness. Don’t declare war with silence, don’t give in to each other, and don’t leave without saying a word. You know, when you left, your eyes were foggy, and her eyes were full of tears. (Happiness quotes)

85. When I was thinking of you upstairs, you suddenly appeared downstairs, and then the shoelace opened, thank the shoelace, let you stay in my eyes for dozens of seconds, it’s good, I think Maybe one day in the future, even if we are too old to bend down, you can put your legs on the bed, and I will sit on a small bench and tie your shoelaces for you, that is what I want most in this life. Happiness. (Happiness quotes)

86. Many times, we are always naive, always chasing the future, and dreaming about the happiness in the distance. After being naive, we realize that the future is far away, and our imaginations are boundless. We have designed the most perfect life path, but we have rarely gone anywhere. So we know that what we experience is real, and what we have is our own. Imagination is like a floating cloud, which can only be embellished in the heart, and cannot be dissolved in life. (Happiness quotes)

87. Meeting the right person at the right time is a lifetime of happiness; meeting the wrong person at the right time is a heartbreak; meeting the wrong person at the wrong time is absurd; meeting the wrong person at the wrong time , Meeting the right person is a sigh. (Happiness quotes)

88. Sometimes your dream is a kind of happiness, and sometimes it is a kind of happiness when your dream is shattered; sometimes it is a kind of happiness to get, and sometimes it is a kind of happiness to lose; sometimes it is a kind of happiness to succeed, and sometimes it is a kind of happiness to fail. Sometimes being rich is a kind of happiness, and sometimes being poor is also a kind of happiness. (Happiness quotes)

89. Maybe happiness is to accompany you on a road called a lifetime, cross a bridge called Nai He, and drink a soup called Meng Po. Maybe tired, exhausted, but never thought of giving up; maybe the scenery along the way is charming and full of temptation, but retain the original feeling of each other; maybe there will be disputes, there will be differences, but still never give up. (Happiness quotes)

90. Happiness is not how beautiful or handsome your lover is, nor how much property or how much money you have, but the mutual understanding, sharing weal and woe, and being happy; happiness is not how much applause you win when you succeed, but when you are frustrated or encounter difficulties. A voice said to you: Friends, don’t fall, I will help you support this level. (Happiness quotes)

91. There are thousands of happy things. There is only one unfortunate thing, and that is: what should be cherished, but not cherished; what is missed, only know how to regret it. (Happiness quotes)

92. Three things that make people happy: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. Someone who loves is not only loved by others, but also has the ability to actively love others and love the world; there is something to do, and every day is enriched, there is no big or small thing, only you love it or not; if you have expectations, there is hope in life, and people are not afraid humble. (Happiness quotes)

93. Happiness is like a pyramid. There are many levels. The higher you go, the less happiness you get, and the harder it is to get happiness. The more you are at the bottom, the easier it is to feel happy; the more levels you cross from the bottom, the stronger your sense of happiness. Happiness is actually a kind of expectation, a kind of spiritual feeling. (Happiness quotes)

94. I always thought that happiness is in the distance, and it is the future that is being pursued. Only later did I discover that those who embraced, held hands, sang songs, shed tears, loved people, and the so-called once were happiness.(Happiness quotes)

95. Happiness comes from a steadfast and quiet heart: no worries about ups and downs, no confusion, no calculations, no hesitation, no fear, no low-pitched flattery. Standing upright, upright, stable, and calm. (Happiness quotes)

96. A person is always looking up and envious of the happiness of others, but finds that he is being looked up and envied by others. The mountain of happiness has no top and no head. Don’t stand beside you and envy the happiness of others. In fact, happiness is always by your side. As long as you have life and hands that can create miracles.(Happiness quotes)

97. The secret of happiness: wake up, go to sleep; turn the pages of a book at least every day, run for a minute, smile at a stranger, praise someone, say I love you; have sex at least once a week; make at least progress every month ; trips every six months; visits to the dentist every year, and physical examinations. (Happiness quotes)

98. Happiness is our gratitude for the abundance of life, the intoxication after the contentment of love, and the comfort after spiritual satisfaction. Happiness is just a feeling in the heart. We don’t need to show it to others. In the eyes of others, what you have may not be very happy; there is no need to look at the happiness of others and then reflect your own pain. We show others too much, or see others too much, and our inner happiness will be slowly annihilated by some weeds.(Happiness quotes)

99. Having someone who understands you is the greatest happiness. This person may not be perfect, but he can read you, walk into the depths of your heart, and understand everything in your heart. The person who understands you best will always be by your side, silently guarding you and not letting you suffer a little bit of grievance.(Happiness quotes)

100. Happiness is a landscape. If you walk through it with a calm attitude, your life will be full of beautiful landscapes. It is not only how you appreciate and experience it, but also your attitude and direction when facing life.(Happiness quotes)

101. What is happiness? I think happiness is actually a mood, a taste, and a kind of satisfaction. As long as you find it carefully and experience it with your heart, you will become the happiest person. (Happiness quotes)

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