Life Insurance: for everything you want to achieve

Life Insurance: for everything you want to achieve

Because we know that your dreams and your autonomy are essential for you to feel fulfilled, we accompany you unconditionally so that you live each moment intensely. (Life Insurance)

Obtaining and maintaining your economic independence in the face of any unforeseen event is important to you, as is having savings to fulfill your dreams and those of your loved ones. (Life Insurance)

For this reason, with our Plan Vive life insurance you are calm because you protect your income, you can contract a savings fund to fulfill your short-term projects or complement it with the Pension Insurance to maintain your quality of life in the retirement stage. (Life Insurance)

Thus, you make sure you enjoy your life, reaching all your goals and sharing the life you want with your loved ones. Anyone over the age of 14 can purchase Plan Vive life insurance with the coverage that best suits their time and lifestyle. (Life Insurance)

Keep in mind that your claims are made through the personal virtual branch and follow-up on them through the same means or through the SURA Insurance App , which you can carry on your cell phone.(Life Insurance)

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